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Ⅰ. Basic Information of Enrollment

Programs: Clinical Medicine

Basic Medicine




Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Program Length: 3 years

Academic Level: Postgraduate

Degree: Master’s Degree

Number of Students: 30

II . Application Qualifications

The applicants should:

1. not have Chinese nationality under the Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China and hold a valid ordinary passport;

2. have diploma and certificate of Bachelor’s degree;

3. Proficient in Chinese language at the level required for the New HSK exam.

4. be physically and mentally healthy; meet the physical examination requirements for Chinese Visa and Residence Permit in China as well as the physical examination requirements for Bengbu Medical University programs so as to ensure their study and life in China;

5. behave well;have no record of discipline violation, of public security punishment or of criminal conduct; comply with Chinese laws and university regulations;

6. be friendly to China and respect Chinese customs and habits.

III . Application Procedures

1. Application Date: April ~ June, 2024

2. Documents required (mail or E-mail them to the International Education Department of BBMU):

(1) Application form for international students;

(2) Official letter of recommendation from the undergraduate institution, in Chinese or English;

(3) Copies and notarized copies of the latest diploma/degree certificate and transcripts;

(4) Copies of passport or identification;

(5) Copy of Chinese proficiency test certificate;

(6) Physical examination report (the validity should be within six months);

(7) Certificate of non-criminal Record;

(8) Study plan during postgraduate period.

IV. Preliminary Review of Documents and Interview

Applicants will be informed of related issues to the interview after first review of documents required.

V. Admission and Registration

1. The admission letter of Bengbu Medical University and JW202 Form will be sent to applicants. Applicants can take them to China Embassy to apply for an X1 visa.

2. Registration time:Students must register on the date specified in the admission letter. Those who are overdue for 2 weeks will be considered as abandoning the qualification on their own accord.

VI. Related Expenses (Learning, Living and Others)

1. Tuition: RMB 30000/ academic year.

2. Accommodation fee: RMB 3000 (single room) / academic year

RMB 1500 (double room) / academic year

3. Insurance fee: According to relevant regulations of China.

VII. Scholarship

1. The outstanding international students with comprehensive evaluation can apply for “Study –in-Anhui” scholarship, it can be used to pay for tuition fees.

Study-in-Anhui Scholarship (20 students): RMB 30000/academic year

Study-in-BBMU Scholarship (10students): RMB 20000/academic year

2. The university also offers "living subsidy" and "Individual Scholarship" to eligible international students.


1. All the fees above mentioned are paid in RMB.

2. The paid fees will be non-refundable or transferred after registration.

3. All the students are required to live on campus.

VIII . Contact Information

Address: International Education Department

Bengbu Medical University

2600 Donghai Road, Bengbu, Anhui, China 233030

Tel: +86-552-3179526 , 3179522 , 3179525



Bengbu Medical University

March 27th , 2024